Confidences ....

Well ... we have already presented a couple of videos for the contest.
I honestly do not think we pass the first selection, but it's still important to participate.
Perhaps the last year in EEVA Estudio Marhea follow. The fact that only we edit video is a major handicap that we have not managed to overcome in EEVA.
What we are very happy he is to have met great professionals and have seen true works of art made movies ....
Now videographers for which we edited, want to put these videos and we must leave the place. It is for this reason that we have not uploaded any videos in recent weeks. Therefore, it makes no sense to continue to pay a membership fee if not we will presenting more videos.
It is the power of the photographer over videographer and them on the video editor ......
A hug to everyone.
Videographer Estudio Marhea
La Coruna, Spain


    • Administrator WEVA Speaker
      Thanks for the post. Let me tell you a big secret. After the end of the 9th Contest in EEVA will be a lot of changes. One of them - we return to the original idea of ​​an elite club of professionals and to a limited membership. The club will be only 1,000 the best and active members, the remaining 2500 participants will have profiles that are only available for a direct link, without participation in the ratings TOP1000 and TOP15. There will be many other changes in the design and partly in the content of the home page. We are actively working to improve the service, but it is not always visible from the outside.
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      • Videographer Estudio Marhea
        Ok. Thanks for information. I just renewed my subscription. I will not draw much juice to a Pro account (for everything explained in the post), but at least I will contribute with EEVA ....
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    • Videographer MR FILMS
      I'm glad to read this ...
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    • Videographer Atheaton Films
      Hi. I just want to say that I would be very dissapointed if you where leaving the EEVA community. You are a very active member here as well as on Facebook.
      My advice to you is don't give up! Why don't you start filming weddings? Or if you don't want to film yourself why don't you start looking for better cameramen. Maybe it's time to level up your game!
      What ever you decide will be better than abandoning a community where you have already built a good reputation.
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      • Videographer Estudio Marhea
        When I decided to start editing events, he did not have a definite style. He had made some documentaries, but never events like weddings.
        I looking for wedding films online, I found a video entitled: Marilena & Vasilis. That was my guide. From there, Atheaton became my tree ideas.
        Then I discovered EEVA, and tried to learn from everyone. Especially fascinated by Reticências Produções, Nelson Coelho, Avatar films, the magnificent Artem Korchagin, the great Sergio Duarte, and a long list .... in which I will not forget the invaluable support of Andrea Spinelli.
        Then they come victories in EEVA battles and that (at least for me) is a boost in morale.
        You're right, George, it's not time to give up. Currently I can not devote myself to film as it requires an investment too big for me right now (also I haven't no idea to handle a camera ...). .... Videographer change or expand the videographer or photographers study base is perhaps the best I can do right now.
        I think my editing style has improved a lot since my first job, although I am aware that there are very improvable things (color grade, for example) ... and of course the quality of the recorded material. I am sure that with better shots, get better results and be more enjoyable for EEVA colleagues.
        I appreciate your words and make me feel more comfortable. Thank you very much George. Thank you.
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