Rumors | Sony A9, Sony A99

The big rumor roundup (Sony A9, Sony A99 successor, Zeiss lenses and Sony STF)
It’s time for a roundup of the next rumors cameras and lenses.
I will divide them into “rumors from known sources” and “rumors from new sources”:
Rumors from known sources:
Sony High End E-mount camera:
– “The next generation flagship mirrorless camera from Sony will be a giant leap. It will drop a huge bomb in the imaging industry. It will not be A7III or A7RIII. It will be a new model above A7 series. I would say A9 (let’s name it as the new model). So the new A9 will have dual XQD card slot, no CFast version, only XQD. A9 can do UNLIMITED RAW burst, UNLIMITED. The camera wont pause for buffering.”
– “The camera will be slightly bigger than the current A7 series”
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Sony A99 successor:
– The camera is on the Sony roadmap and development has finished. But the release date unclear yet.
Editor’s note: I hope the fact development has finished means also that it’s coming this year. It’s the only way to kill the “A-mount is dead calls” :(
Sony STF:
– Sony will release a STF FE lens:
– Zeiss will launch both new Batis and Loxia lenses in September/October.
– For sure there are telephotos among them
– Could be 2 Loxias and 2 Batis
Sony GM:
– The next zoom lens will be a 16-35mm f/2.8 GM
Profoto b1 air remote is coming for Sony by end of 2016
Rumors from new sources:
Batis 135mm and Loxia 85mm are coming
Sony STF:
100mm f/2.8 STF FE autofocus lens
Sony A99II:
– Possible specs:
42 Megapixel sensor
499 AF points
Dual AF
4K video recording
Dual card slot
improved flash system+battery
will ship together with new 24-105 f/4.0
– “The new compact and high speed Sony camera (RX100 V) will switch from SD Card to UFS Card storage. The card size is similar to microSD saveing space in the camera body and the speed increased to up to 600MB/s enabling longer slowmo Videos and higher FPS shooting. Sony will if this is succesful also use this format in future higher class cameras”
E-mount lens:
sony will add PZ to FE16-35 24-70 70-200
Sony A7III:
To be announced at Photokina
We hope this helps to get a more clear overview of what could be announced the coming months. Please note that Sony will announce most of the stuff OFF the shows! So don’t be surprised if some of the hot stuff will be announced weeks after Photokina!
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