The Worldwide Event Videographer's Association

Good day, videographers!
During last years the videorgaphers living outside Europe have been joining the community actively. For the further development of the community and assosiation of videographers from all over the world was made a decision to close the project EEVA.PRO, and on it's basis to create a new one — WEVA.PRO.
Today you can enjoy the works of videographers from all over the world! And besides:
- Creation of the videographes' popularity became more clear and obvious.
- We have extended opportunities for brides and fiances. Now couples can send a private letters to you directly from your personal profile page.
- And many others small improvements.
In a couple of months we will return the Award and all your reward for the last years.
If you are interested in the history of the development of the website you can find it on the certain page:
Our new logos:
The updates could been done due to your activity and financial support of the website:
Sincerely, team of WEVA.PRO
P.S. As we've rewrited the website from the very begining so bugs can appear. We will be very thankfull if finding bugs. Please, inform us about them. We will also appreciate for the best variant of translation.
Administrator WEVA developer
Prague, Czech Republic


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