Videographer Darko Zivanovic
Bê-ô-grát, Séc-bi
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Yana & Herve

Directed & edited by Darko Zivanovic
Filmed by New Concept team.
DJI Ph2 pilot and second camera Uros Rakonjac
Camera operator Velizar Pilipovic
Cover photo by Mirko Tabasevic
Ivan Torrent - Human Legacy.
We would like to say thank you to Yana & Herve for the opportunity you gave us to make something rare and majestic in so many ways.
Inspired with your love we made this peace of art and in a way your love, two of you,
are much like a light house.
...A beacon in the darkness, a small glimpse of hope but sometimes that is all you need
when you find yourself surrounded by a raging sea..
May your love always remain true and strong.
You gave us your trust and inspiration and in return we give you this memories that will last forever.

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