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Videographer Сергей Андреев
Mát-xcơ-va, Nga
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Wedding Day Pavel and Sofia

Moments, glances and touches. Beautiful love story with bright shades of sincere emotions and clear accents. We were captivated by the tenderness and romance in the sands on the Mediterranean coast and the solemnity of the moment in a beautiful medieval castle which is known for the the "Game of Thrones" shooting and entertainments of Spanish kings. But Sofia and Pavel being so sincere and real created the main part of the story. It is always important for us to understand the values of the couple and their inner world. We remembered shooting days spent with Sonia and Pasha for perfect atmosphere, Spanish hospitality and expectation of a miracle.
The main characters of our stories are you and your feelings, which are eternal. That's what we are trying to keep for you in our films.
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