WEVA Award

2017-1-15 — 2-27
美国, https://weva.pro/award-2016
Hi friends!
Are pleased to announce that we are launching a WEVA Award:
Entry submission:
15 January — 14 February 2017
David Perry, Robert Balasko, Yulia Vopilova, Nino Leitner, Frankie Costa, Patrick Moreau, Ricardo Mariga, Ninoslav Stojanovic, Ricardo Fasoli, Jeneva Studio, Michael Pullman, Nik Pekridis, Yury Yarets, Mari Bushaeva, Anton Yasirov, Rafa Goncalves.
The judging is divided into 2 stages and there are 2 types of judges:
1. Judge nominations. Select only the categories for which they are responsible. In each category will be 5 works.
2. Super-judges. These judges taking into account the votes of nominations of judges determined the final winner.
Before you publish works read the Rules and nominations. Rules are at the bottom of the main page of the Contest, as well as in the form of video editing. Any violation of Rules will result in removal of work from the Contest what you will be informed by mail.
Best Regards, WEVA.PRO
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    • 管理员 WEVA developer
      Hello! We transferred dates again. We apologize. Not all judges still voted. We very much hope that on Tuesday we will announce winners.
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